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Continuing my serie of python step-by-step tutorials to understand MD hash algorithm i’m now exploring MD5, the success of my previous two tutorials on MD2 and MD4 keep me excited continuing the adventure.

Still, managing expectations, this occurrence will be much reduced to my previous article. The main reason behind it being the very high resemblance between MD4 and MD5 hence I’ll build mainly on the difference between the two and use the same ‘chassis’ as a code.

So for those who missed the two previous article, I recommend you to go through the two below ones:

Stuart Lippincott —

In the continuity of my previous article on the algorithm MD2 (available here: my intent creating this serie is to popularize the algorithms of famous hash functions.

MD2, … MD4 !

This time we are going to look at the MD4 algorithm, if those are new to you I’d recommend you have a look at the MD2 article first as the MD4 piles up some additional complexity. Again I will go step by step through the full process implementing it using Python as we progress.

For the most perspicacious of yours, you’ll see a missing one here: MD3, if you explore the web…

Illustration of the Haiku used in this article

*** 05/05/21 new article available: MD4 algorithm python step by step, good foundations to understand modern hash methods MD5, SHA, … : ***

MD2 is a basic hash function, and nice intro into what’s now used on a daily basis for crypto-transaction, password storage, … A fascinating function full of poetry.


I will voluntarily skip an extensive intro about what hash methods are, the history of message digest algorithms creation and why we do not find traces of MD1 (which, by the way, I don’t know — sources says : it has not been published and that’s a good…

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